Quality Assurance

Hailsham House Nursing Home is inspected on a regular basis


Our commitment to best practice

We want to deliver the kindest possible care for our Residents. One of the ways that we achieve that is by making sure that every HC-One home operates to our exacting company standards. HC-One homes must abide by a strict set of operational policies and procedures which set the company standards for quality care and service delivery.

Externally regulated

There are three care regulatory services for older people’s homes in England, Scotland and Wales. The regulator for England is the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

All of these regulators carry out rigorous inspections to check that we are meeting national standards. A report of the latest inspection for each Home is available on request or can be found on the relevant regulator’s website.

Vigilance is vital

We don’t wait until the official inspectors tell us that we have a problem. If we notice anything that might be an early warning of something going wrong, such as a rise in complaints, falls, weight loss or unusual incidents – we’ll investigate right away.

Internal inspections

We employ our own team of in-house Quality Regulation Managers (QRM’s) to carry out announced and unannounced inspections of our homes throughout the year. These inspections ensure that every one of our homes is working within the guidelines of our best practice policies and procedures. After they’ve inspected a home, the QRM’s work with the care home manager and their team to look at ways of improving and enhancing operational performance. In this way, our services continually evolve under a programme of constant checks and improvement.


Monitoring doesn’t end there. Members of our senior operational team regularly visit our care homes and thoroughly audit and review all aspects of our services. These visits often take place unannounced, during the day or night, on any day of the week.